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12:51pm 30/03/2009
i am officially a grade 12 student, and feeling very pleased about it
and i handed in all my scholarship applications! YAY ME!

i need to take a long overdue catnap and smoke a joint
i wish i could!
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ugh. lotsa courses this terrrrrm :)  
09:07am 04/02/2009
Block A - English 12 - Smith
Block B - French 12 - Ciofani
Block C - PE 10A - A. Johnston
Block D - AMA 11 - B. Johnston
Block E - Minor Games
Block G - Bio 11 - Wilkinson
Block H - Acting 12 - Carr

only flexes this term are F and X
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10:05am 26/01/2009
im excited for today
my day off from the play :)
hangouts with alyssa who i dearly miss, and then gossip girl night with sam<3

exactly 1 and a half months since i have not touched a single chemical drug :)
fuck yeah budday!
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10:39pm 19/12/2008
I heart snow actually<3
i thought i hated it. but i like it a bunch.

ps. katey baigent comes back in t-minus 5 months.
as does Ali.
and Tanya.
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08:31am 08/12/2008
R.I.P. John Lennon
28 years later, and you are still a legend.
no single man has affected music like you did in your short time on earth

I need a fix cos I'm going down
Down to the bits that I left uptown
I need a fix cos I'm going down

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09:19pm 26/10/2008

its almost my birthday.
im scared.
i hope 18 will be a good year.
moving to vic in june, graduating, and starting university. i hope this all works out

my birthday shenanigans are gonna be off the heezy.
if i say so myself.


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11:48pm 17/08/2008
 psh. stupid school is creeping up too me.

time to kick willpower into high gear.
imma grad this year. i will do it.
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01:12pm 05/08/2008
Im  leaving for Shambhala in t-minus 1 hour. and im super stoked

but it occured to me, that it won't be the same. 
im missing an important component

i miss you megan, and ill be thinking of you during my flailing times.

and ill dump pepper in someones ceaser, just to make myself laugh(and probably Jade)

but over all, im really excited
my life seems to be coming together quite nicely. 
i know ive said that before, but its true

i have a plan for life. a real true plan.

1. Finish high school.
doesnt seem like a huge deal to a lot of my friends, but its a big deal for me. i want to prove to everyone that im better than that.

2. Go to university
see above. i want to go, to also prove that not only i can get farther than half my friends, but i can keep going. im going for a degree in drama, and a minor in event planning. i have a knack for promotion, and i really think i can do it for a career if i try. but acting is my most important priority.

and finally

3. Weed out the bad friends from the good.
i find that now its more important than ever, i dont want to be held down by a group of people that claim to be my friends. thats not what i need.

thats all for now guys.

see you all when i get home<3
mood: indescribableindescribable
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07:58am 30/04/2008
i am sitting in counselling, finishing rachaels romeo and juliet thing
i'd forgotten how lame it is =P


this weekend should be fun
fun times with jolene =D

superfriends is in a week and a half!!!
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12:40pm 24/04/2008
im getting really excited for superfriends
scared, but excited
its in 2 weeks on saturday
its going so well
soso well :)

i chopped all my hair off
it feels weird, but i needed a change, quite badly
it feels cool.

movie night tonight  =)
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