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Obscene Ramblings

I win.

3 November 1990
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well..let's start with the basics. I'm 16, and i live in a small hicktown that everyone seems to hate. but i like it.
im a smoker, dont lecture me, i know what im doing
i have my tongue pierced, and i wear glasses.
and if you see me on the street, and notice that i have a "hair elastic" on my wrist
just notice, it isn't
its a bracelet that is burned on, my friend gave it to me before he died.
it will remain on my wrist forever.
ive harshly cut down on my chemical drug intake
im sweet. and alyssa rocks harder than you do...
i love raves, its just a place to express myself, and just fuckin flail.
i go to FKSS(occasionally)
i have a best friend(no names for you)
I hate having my heart broken.
but i love putting myself on the line. i seem to do it a lot.
i like natural adrenalaine rushes.